Firm Overview

The Law Offices of Stephen R. Stern, P.C. attorneys, over their decades of experience have represented publicly held and privately held corporate and commercial entities as well as private clients in a diverse spectrum of legal matters including as outside general counsel and as outside counsel [e.g., in manufacturing, advertising, distribution, retail, franchising, publishing, supply, leasing, acquisitions, mergers, international law, television, motion pictures, real estate sales/leasing/acquisitions, employment, discrimination, union, etc.] We have also represented clients in a myriad of complex and non-complex litigation and arbitration/mediation matters as well as acted as a mediator. Over the decades of experience we have had our litigation representations have included complex and non-complex commercial and business related matters, estates, various types of bankruptcy proceedings, class action law suits, matrimonial and family matters, trademark/copyright matters, criminal matters and matters involving everyday life disputes and we have litigated in Federal Courts and State Courts in more than 15 states in the United States as well as internationally.

Steve's personal pedigree and discipline were established during the formative years of his life and have continued throughout the duration of his educational and legal career; essentially, take pride in what you do, be passionate about it and get it done. . . while always seeking to attain perfection. Steve's office seeks and strives to effectively and efficiently attain the clients' goals and the office makes the clients' causes the causes of the office. Through exceptional work habits and detailed execution, the firm consistently strives to accomplish this goal by adhering to the firm credo of pride, passion and perfection and exhibiting a strong and demanding work ethic while being committed to the sensitivities of the clients' goals and financial constraints. Hard work does pay off and it is rewarded.

Thus, the firm's credo Pride, Passion and Perfection.

Pride in the relationship created with the client as well as the work product and services provided.

Passion for our clients' goals and needs.

Perfection in seeking to capture and attain the essence of what our result the clients sought.

The Law Offices of Stephen R. Stern, P.C.
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